Living In A Small Space

This is by no means a boundary pushing message, we are not setting sail into unchartered waters; but the key to living in a small space is storage. Being able to put things away to allow space for living is crucial. And the other side of this coin would be getting rid of ‘stuff’.

Clear minds, simple lifestyle, order and chaos free living starts in your home. If you have a space to come home to that works and is stress free, this will allow more time for life and putting your energy into other areas.

Start by putting all your ‘stuff’ together in one spot and sorting through what you really need and what is just taking up space. Group same things together, so have all your kids craft in one spot, have all the games and toys in one spot (even if this is in each child’s room) try to consolidate. This means that you don’t have 6 glue sticks all over the house, or ten decks of cards, or enough sheets and towels for a football team.

Once you have brought order into your home, and everything has a place, packing up after an activity or at the end of the day is not such a challenge as you have created room to live, no matter how small your space.
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Living In A Small Space