Peter Grant


A little about me

 Peter is Director of Marketing Projects. He founded Domain Residential’s predecessor in 1996. 

In a previous life, Peter was involved in special events, including working for the IOC in the lead up to the Sydney 2000 Olympics. But he wanted to be involved in delivering something that helped thecommunity in a more permanent way. He had always loved the creation, design and building elements of property and this led him into real estate and development. 

Peter is a people person who relishes what he does because of the positive impact he sees it have on his clients’ lives. He loves the real estate industry itself and the colleagues and clients he works with. For that reason, he says that working in real estate has never really seemed like a job at all to him at all but simply a chance to do what he enjoys doing most. 

Peter’s clients often say they choose him because of his calm but single-minded approach togetting the highest price for each property. Despite his relaxed nature, he’s a renowned hard worker with a long track record of achieving some of the best sales results on the Northern Beaches. 

Peter brings enormous enthusiasm to everything he does. Every morning Peter wakes at 5am to see the sunrise and experience the stillness of a new day. He feels privileged to live in this great part of the world and loves the beach and surfing, as well as walking (or skateboarding) around Long Reef. When he’s not enjoying the outdoors life, you’ll find him painting and sculpting or enjoying a laugh withfamily and friends.